We won’t hire you unless you’re serious

We only work with serious people. Seriously. We only work with serious clients too – but that’s a story for another time.


Why we’re not going to hire you unless you’re serious?

Yeah, you probably realized that this post is not going to be about your sense of humor (because we know our audience is smart!). We all want to work with like-minded, smart and cheerful people who infect everyone around with their great attitude and energy. But this isn’t a ticket to work at Applicake yet.

In fact, to join Applicake team ALL you need is:

  1. Be amazingly good at what you’re doing (Ruby on Rails development, iPhone apps development, CSS/html, design, testing, marketing etc).
  2. Speak & write great English.
  3. Know we’re
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    the right team for you.

  4. Make sure we see your DETERMINATION and the fact that you really CARE.

First two points might be difficult. So if you are not confident you’re a rockstar – do you care to become one? We can help you grow but this will demand time and effort. Two last points are also tricky. How could you know if Applicake is the right employer before working here? That’s a fair point but we do try to make this easier – we do communicate with the world. You can read this blog, you can meet us in our office (Open RailsTalks), at tech conferences (like EuRuKo 2010), talk with us on Twitter, via email or face-to-face. You can ask questions and send feedback – this shows your determination, too. Help APPLICAKE find YOU, it’s as simple as that.

Believe me, hiring is the most crucial task in a tech startup. It’s not easy for us to find good developers who could fit into the crazy family of ours. We work together, we laugh together, we support each other. Looking at the fantastic team that we have at Applicake – each and every one of us really (like REALLY) wanted to work here (or they are good actors!). We only work with serious people who know what they want and do it – it’s probably the basis of Applicake’s success.

If you want to learn more about hiring in startups (and more) watch this interview with Paul Graham, venture capitalist and great business essayist.

Some serious faces found on Flickr, our potential new hires:





If you managed to scroll all the way down here and the post hasn’t put you off yet – let us know at jobs@applicake.com. But only if you’re serious ;-)

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3 Responses to We won’t hire you unless you’re serious

  1. Gosh, how about serious but childish ;) ?

  2. ela says:

    We’re all childish here ;-)

  3. Good share, great article, very usefull for us¡­thanks.

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