It all started in 2006… [video]

Applicake has just turned 5-years-old, and we thought it would be a good time to share some serious data about Applicakers… ;-)

As we’re working on a new product now, we’re experimenting with different video presentation techniques. This one is called a motion infographic. An infographic is a well-known way of presenting information, knowledge or data in a visually pleasing and universally understandable manner. Infographic movies are particularly appealing as they use sound effects, informative narration, and animated graphics and typography to attract and hold a viewer’s attention.

There are loads of nice examples of motion infographics. Here are some of our fav ones (except for our own of course ;) ): Intelligent Design, Anatomy of a Computer Virus, Growing Up, Oil’d, The World Is Obsessed With Facebook or This is Dare. Are you?

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3 Responses to It all started in 2006… [video]

  1. Awesome video! :D

    And congrats for your 5 years old :)

  2. pplcanfly says:

    This video is absolutely awesome:D
    Happy birthday and keep up with your passion about software;)

  3. Mariusz says:

    Great work guys, really enjoyed it!

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