BIG BIG News! Applicake Team Joins Base

Applicake joins base big

It’s a Big Big Day for our Family. We’re thrilled to announce that Applicake team has joined forces with Basea company we co-founded a while ago (more on that below). Read all the nice words on Base blog to understand why and get a sense of what it means for Base (hint: a lot!).

What does it mean for Applicake? It means we’re jumping on a spaceship that is just taking off and joining a really exciting mission–changing the future of business software. It means that starting immediately we will be discontinuing software development services and working with our existing–and OH SO UNDERSTANDING–clients on leaving their software-babies in good hands. We will likely continue running tech events, uniting the European tech scene and doing fun/crazy things… more on that after we recover from Railsberry and Mobile Mobile Conf ;) .

Finally–yes, we are nostalgic about the past 6 years, about all the Applimoments, Applitrips and Applifun (like this epic sailing trip!). But we’re taking that spirit with us to our friends at Base, full of excitement about becoming the best tech team in the world. With an amazing vision, outstanding product, amazing growth and super-duper-amazing team, we can get anywhere now. We will continue staying focused on what we’ve always loved: building breathtaking software and “wowing” our customers. Expect many such “wows” in the months and years to come.

Me & Ela, Bart, Paweł, Jacek, Mariusz and the whole Applicake Family want to thank everyone for your support, for working with

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us and for believing in us. We had a blast and hope you did, too!

To all our Krakow friends and fans out there–yes, we’re going to open a new chapter with a huge “Applicake graduation party” when the transition is fully completed around June. Make sure you don’t miss it! Feel free to send us Baselove and Applilove on Facebook and wish us well in this new chapter!

Below the video we shot at out 5th anniversary party, is a more personal note, let’s get a bit nostalgic…

A personal note from Ela & myself:

We–Ela, Bart, Pawel and Agata–started Applicake over 6.5 years ago as a bunch of 20-year old kids who knew nothing about running a business but who loved to do things RIGHT. Looking back, it’s been the best time of our lives.

We cannot express enough how much we grew along the way, how much we learned, how amazingly smart and sweet people we had the pleasure to meet, how inspiring, crazy and fun those past 6 years have been. Like, we know, this sounds cheesy, but there’s really no way to express it.

Doing what we were doing–building software, we got a chance to work with amazingly hungry, driven and smart tech entrepreneurs from all over the world. What we really did is we built their dreams, which is one hell of a difficult task… but a really empowering one. Many of our clients have since become close friends and we’ll always be supporting them in all the ways we can.

The biggest treasure and the very core of our business has always been our Team–The Applifamily. Taking care of that Family and making sure we can keep changing the world in the years to come was the most important factor in our decision to join forces with Base – a company we co-founded a few years ago with the amazing Uzi as a “little side project”. Turns out that little side project is not that little anymore, it’s growing fast and could use some help. We’re convinced that with that move we’ll be making history… again! Exciting times.

What else can we say?!
<3 <3 <3

PS. Want more Applicakeness? Go to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, there’s plenty of us there!

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One Response to BIG BIG News! Applicake Team Joins Base

  1. Marjan Ghara says:

    Dear Applicake/Base team
    Congratulations to you! What wonderful news. You have helped many startups get on their feet, and I am so glad to hear that your own side startup project is now running on full speed. I wish you all the best. You have a very talented team. Keep in touch!
    Marjan Ghara
    Founder, CEO

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